McMillian Facilities

McMillan Airfield, Camp Roberts, CA

Our Mission

To provide CIRPAS with a base of operations for UAV flight activities for internal and customer aircraft from the military, scientific, and developmental arena.

McMillan Airfield is dedicated completely to our customers and provides a base of operations void of interference from military or commercial traffic. Due to the lack of other traffic it is possible to create a flexible flight schedule that supports the Test and Evaluation community without impacting the military's Operational and Training needs.

Facility Description

Camp Roberts is located on the central California coast roughly half-way between Los Angeles and San Francisco and approximately 25 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. McMillan Airfield (designated CA62) is located near the Post’s southern boundary at 35o 43’N 120o 46’W, UTM Grid 10SGQ 025546. McMillan Airfield provides CIRPAS an isolated geographical location, with favorable weather conditions and an abundance of restricted airspace and access to the Ft. Hunter Liggett airspace with approved FAA COAs. McMillan Airfield is 3500’ long, 65’ wide with 10' shoulders and lays on a heading of 281 degrees and at an elevation of 920’.

McMillan Airfield, Camp Roberts, CA, provide CIRPAS with a unique base of operations for UAV flight activity and offers the following:

  • Unique site for interoperability training with UAVs and Ground Units.
  • The airfield is remote from populated areas and priority flights.
  • Camp Roberts’ weather pattern allows for a high number (250 or more) of flight days per year.
  • Restricted Air Space.
  • The airfield is within restricted area designated (RAS) R-2504 (surface to 15kft MSL). R-2504 is approximately 5 x 9.5 miles (8K x 16K).
  • A restricted area designated R-2513 lies within the boundaries of nearby Fort Hunter Liggett. R-2513 is designated a restricted area from surface to 23k ft MSL. R-2513 is approximately 10 x 20 miles (16K x 32K)
  • R-2504 and R2513 can be activated by CIRPAS in coordination with the appropriate base, enabling UAV flights without interference with, or to, other aircraft. The area is also surrounded by a series of MOAs to help facilitate Air Operations.
  • Close proximity to Monterey and the Naval Postgraduate School, Fort Hunter Liggett, Pacific Test Ranges, Lemoore NAS, Nacimiento and San Antonio Lakes, and the Los Padres National Forest.
  • Support infrastructure from CIRPAS and the CA-NG at Camp Roberts.
    • Office building with telephones and internet connectivity, and full integrated multimedia system is available to our customers.
    • 40’x70’ hangar.
    • Material Handling Equipment on site.
    • Military vehicles available from California Army National Guard Mobilization and Training Equipment Site (MATES) facility.
    • The airstrip is paved and marked with centerline and limit line markings. Wind socks are located on the north side of the runway at either ends. Currently the airfield has no lights and is non-instrumented. The runway is a B-II category airstrip, adequate for a maximum 12,500 lbs. aircraft. Additionally various antenna stands have been erected.

To Request Range Time at McMillan Airfield

Contact the Site Manager at 805-227-1313 x1


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